All images provided by Jeanette Burlbaw at Prenatal Imaging Centers

Look at the changes baby undergoes from moments after fertilization to days before birth.

As 21st century mothers, new knowledge empowers us to make better decisions for ourselves and our babies. Providing you with that knowledge is what's behind,The Wonder Within You. The images above are just a sample of the amazing images and videos you can link to each and every week throughout your pregnancy, as you move through The Wonder Within You book. It comes out in April, but until then you will find plenty of information here and in my blog.

All pregnancy comes with ups and downs. I would like to put my arm around your shoulder to celebrate the highs, encourage you through the lows and provide information for all the in-betweens of this adventure.

It's so exciting be the first generation to use this new technology to peer inside the womb and witness each amazing stage of our baby's development. From the secret moment of conception to the first breath of earthy air. It's a journey worth celebrating - and one that is fascinating to both mothers and scientists alike!

Thanks for letting me walk alongside you. Let the prenatal parenting begin!

Carey Wickersham
Author, The Wonder Within You

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