Couple to Reveal Baby’s Gender Live on Stage at Baby Fair in KC

This is going to be so fun. I wish everyone who is pregnant could be with us in Kansas City this weekend. The Baby Love Baby Fair is giving away a Babymoon, and thousands of dollars in freebies to pregnant moms. There are going to be great classes and fun activities.
The Wonder Within You along with Prenatal Imaging is putting on a big baby reveal…with a great couple who has a 12 month old little girl. Baby #2 is due in November. Follow along on their journey with the three short videos below. And join us at the baby fair for the big reveal! Details on The Wonder Within You facebook page. Exciting moments to come!
Part 1…Predictions!
Part 2 “Seeing baby in 3D”
Part 3 “Growing Baby, Growing Anticipation”

The Metamorphosis of Motherhood

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we honor the hardest workers on the planet.  Some things will never change.  But pregnancy sure has!   The advent of 3 and 4 D ultrasound allows today’s moms to know more about their pre-born babies than any generation in the history of well…the world.

Here are five of the things today’s baby-birthin’ mamas know that their mothers couldn’t fathom.

1) The Gender Specifics

It's a boy!

It’s a boy!

It's a girl!

It’s a girl!

Most of our mothers had to wait until deliver day to find out if we were an Oliver or Olivia.

3-D ultrasound technology makes it much easier for mom’s and dad’s to see for themselves whether they have conceived a boy or girl-child.  No fuzzy images here.  Now we can have gender reveal parties, boy or girl themed showers and nurseries ready and waiting.

2) The Appearance of Awesomeness

Our moms could only imagine whether baby would sport grandma’s nose or daddy’s lips.  Now we can distinguish a cleft in the chin, dimples, hair and more.

This baby has remarkable dimples...just waiting to be kissed.

This baby has remarkable dimples…just waiting to be kissed.

The waves in this image is how ultrasound technology reveals a full head of hair!

The waves in this image is how ultrasound technology reveals a full head of hair!

Check out this nearly identical before and after shot.

Check out this nearly identical before and after shot.

3) Personality Test

Our ancestors could only guess at the personalities beneath their bellies.  Now mamas-to-be witness their little ones as they smile, grimace, cry and even yawn.

Some babies are more active and awake...some seem more relaxed.

Some babies are more active and awake…some seem more relaxed.

This 34 week old baby girl is all smiles!

This 34 week old baby girl is all smiles!

The furrowed brow on this wee one says "I have a lot on my mind!"

The furrowed brow on this wee one says “I have a lot on my mind!”

4) My Personal Preference

Our mothers never knew that we were making decisions as early as our first trimester. Babies taste what mom had for breakfast…and react to their environment.  Moms who have multiple ultrasounds may start to notice babies mannerisms. Maybe they always suck the same toe, or put their right hand over their forehead.  Pay attention, you will likely see a repeat performance when baby is born.

This babe apparently likes the left thumb with four fingers straight up!

This babe apparently likes the left thumb with four fingers straight up!

May have just tasted some amniotic fluid spice with enchilada sauce from dinner.

May have just tasted some amniotic fluid spice with enchilada sauce from dinner.

5) Position Statement

When our mother’s were pregnant, doctors or midwives had to poke and prod to figure out…err, which end was up.  Some were pretty skilled guessers, but ultrasound offers assurance that baby is in the right position for birth.  It also reveals placenta placement, which is crucial for a safe delivery.  

The perfect fetal position.  Tucked in with a little more room to grow.

The perfect fetal position. Tucked in with a little more room to grow.

Its cramped in there!  This 40 week old baby is days from delivery.  The umbilical cord over the foot and under the chin.

Its cramped in there! This 40 week old baby is days from delivery. The umbilical cord over the foot and under the chin.

All  images captured at Prenatal Imaging in Kansas City.

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March of Dimes and Physicians want Pregnant Mamas to Wait!

Pregnant moms who are weeks away from delivery day usually have one thing in common: we are weary!   Swollen ankles, loose joints, heartburn and hefting baby flesh and all its accessories takes a toll on a body.

Its tempting to start looking for a way out.  But hold on to watchya got a little longer.  Research shows baby’s are best when they get at least 39 weeks on the inside.

Here is an interview I did at March for Babies with Dr./Mama Emily Minderman from Kansas City ObGyn.


We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

As the world celebrates the birth of Princess Kate’s baby girl…Queen Elizabeth must be musing, “Times sure have changed since I was having babies!”

Mother of eight, Maxine Pierron agrees.  At 95, Maxine is six years older than Queen Elizabeth, but they were both birthin’ babies in the 1940′s.
The process is the same. But everything else…entirely different.
Here are just a few of the biggies:
1) Maxine never had the option of discovering the sex of her babies.  No ultrasound. No idea. Many times mothers didn’t even know if they were having multiples until delivery day.
2) Maxine never remembers having a big baby shower for any of her tribe.  Co-ed baby showers and gender reveal parties were non-existent.
3) No dads allowed! Not anywhere near the painful bellows of the feminine kind.  Truth be told, Maxine remembers her husband, who was a physician, ducking in a few times during delivery.  But she says he wished he hadn’t!
4) Maxine and her fellow mid-20th century mamas recovered  in the hospital for at least a week.  The cost, even without insurance, was minimal.
5) Maxine didn’t know what a car seat was until she had grandchildren.  Babies were swaddled and sent home riding unsecured in the front seat.
Maxine’s hospital births with anesthesia  were considered modern for the time.  Maxine’s daughter became a self-proclaimed hippie who changed her last name to Sun Shower.  She delivered her daughter ala natural.  In a commune…with an unlicensed midwife.
Maxine Pierron and Joanne Sunshower
Great Grandmother’s like Maxine…and the Queen are national treasures.  Today we  choose between home births and hospitals and knowing baby’s sex and surprises.  But I love the old stories from baby-rich mamas.  This month, I join with 4 generations of the Pierron family in wishing the feisty, almost-centennial Maxine a wonderful 95th birthday and Mother’s Day this week.  Here’s to many more!


Don’t smoke while you’re pregnant…but NOT because of recent study!

babies react to smoking

There is a  recent study using 3 and 4 D ultrasound that urges pregnant women not to smoke because it causes the baby to grimace and touch his or her face more frequently.  Twenty babies were tested.  Only four babies had moms who smoked.  This study seems a bit shabby to me.  But the outcome isn’t.  Don’t smoke while your pregnant.

In my opinion, here is a better visual of why you should give up the habit while you are growing a baby.

The sonographer who captured the images of babies in The Wonder Within You (Jeanette Burlbaw at Prenatal imaging in Kansas City) gave me these images of two placentas.  The first is from a mother who didn’t smoke.  You can see the placenta at the top, above baby. It is healthy.

The second image is from a smoking mother.   The placenta is on the left.  Notice the white loops that permeate  the left side of the placenta.  Those indicate calcification caused by smoking.  The calcification can make the placenta less effective at delivering oxygen and nutrients to baby.

smoker placcenta

Here’s what tried and true research indicates:

*Smoking deprives baby of oxygen.

*Smoking causes more babies to be born before they are ready.

*Babies whose moms smoke have lower birth weights.

*The incidence of stillbirths is higher in mothers who smoke.

There’s plenty of solid research that shows that lighting up harms your baby.  So even though it’s often extremely difficult to stop, score one for you and  your sweet babe…and kick the habit.  You can do it  mama!!!

Puppy Love x 4 or maybe 5???

1888590_408872995933749_1179107474752936453_n  10012569_408872999267082_1734123216978721933_n 10542856_408873002600415_2558005376944021805_n

Melinda Poole-O’Banion loves her dogs like children, so when one of them became pregnant, she did what any proud mama would do,..She took her female dog, Sig, to the sonographer’s office to capture some a keepsake 3-d images.

“They look like little dinosaurs!”, said Melinda…who happens to be a vet.  “I’ve seen animals imaged with regular 2-D ultrasounds, but I’m never seen anything like this.  It was amazing!  We could see their paws and they were head to head and back to back.”

The problem was the Mini Aussie pups were in a bit of a well…a dog pile.   So Melinda knows there are at least four pups…but their may be a fifth that was hiding.

Sig is pretty well trained so when her owners told her to lie on her back on the table, she did it.   And remained their for 30 minutes while a trained baby sonographer got every angle imaginable.   The pups are 45 days old.  Sig will deliver them in another  2 to 3 weeks.

Here are pictures of the proud and very patient mom and dad.  Sig and Barrett.

If you are interested in purchasing one of their beautiful Mini Aussie Pups,  call Melinda at (913) 961-8835 and see if she will part with them.

10710895_408703682617347_9120249077325098069_n 10678801_408703712617344_5977647406595402492_n

Royal Baby!

Game 7 of the World Series in Kansas City became even more exciting when I met the couple in front of me.

Brad an Krista Sandt hoisted signs that announced their baby’s due date is opening day 2015.  The home opener is April 6 for all of us who wait with anticipation.


The happy couple asked people to vote for names for their tiny babe.  Hos or Salvy?  (In honor of the Royals star first baseman and catcher.)  “At first, we got a lot of texts an votes for Hos! However, as the game went on, people started liking Salvy Sandt.”

I suggested a write -in vote for Alex Gordon, because it would work for a boy or girl.   The day after Game 7, the Sandts found out they were having a boy so now I believe Salvy Sandt has a nice ring to it!

The Sandts both grew up in the Kansas City metro.  They are life-long Royals fans and season ticket holders.   When asked if they would be at opening day 2015 if the Royal Baby has “gone into extra innings”…Krista says, “Ha.  Ha.  Why not?”

That will give all of us something more to look forward to this Spring!   Congratulations Brad and Krista!

3 Reasons to Consider a Birth Photographer



“ I wish I knew about you for my kids!”
“ I don’t know if I would want that, what all does it include?”
 Hi, I am Kendra Miller and I am a Birth Photographer. I never knew the magnitude of emotions you go through on the day your child is born, until I gave birth to my daughter in 2012. Birth photography helps tell your child’s birth story from labor until you are holding them in your arms. I absolutely love what I do and I am thrilled to share with you why Birth Photography is such an amazing investment.
Labor is enough work
A birth photographer is experiencing the birth with you, but from an outsider’s point of view. We provide the opportunity for those you have chosen to be your labor partner(s) to be a part of this experience with you. To be fully present without the worry or stress of needing to get a picture, because the birth photographer has it covered. So they can feel free to let the arrival of this new life take their breath away too.
My goal is to feel like your friend, but at the same time to be rarely noticed by you. A birth photographer can see photo opportunities that, especially if you are in active labor, you may not think to take.  Birth Photography is telling the whole story of your child’s BIRTHday, not just a few snapshots once he or she has arrived.
Your Story, Your connection
            Gone are the days where dad waits in the waiting room with cigars and a nurse brings out your new bundle to hold up like a prize. More often the dad or significant other is a teammate, a partner to do whatever they can to help you during this life-changing day. Holding your hand, giving you encouragement and having the moments where they fall in love with you all over again. Each of these moments I can capture, which means each of these moments has you and your partner in the photo. Showing the love you have and helping to tell the complete tale of this birth story. The look on your husband’s face when your new baby takes their first breath. It is a moment like that you will never be able to re-create. Those happy memories should be documented and kept.
Snuggles First
            Once you have this miracle in your arms, you might find all of your time now being spent just getting to know your new baby. I want parents to focus on bonding with their new baby and not worrying about editing, sorting photos or getting prints for birth announcements.  Many birth photographers also have options such as a photo book or slideshow for you to be able to share. As your child grows they will be able to actually see the love their parents have, the tears in their grandparents eyes or the very first time they met their older sibling. Birth Photography is worth investing in, because it is a moment in time you can now always remember.
A review from a former birth story client, Courtney, describes her experience this way;
“What Kendra did for us through her amazing work is she stopped time. I’ll forever be able to experience just how it felt to become a mom again that day. Not only did her photos capture the beauty of our new baby girl, but she captured the love felt by all that day.”
Kendra Miller Photography


Easy steps to access videos inside The Wonder Within You

qr_code_videoHere is a video (at right) showing you how to use the QR codes inside every chapter of The Wonder Within You to access 40 videos of the developing baby!

The Wonder Within You is the most high tech pregnancy book in the history of the world.   We say that for two reasons. 1) This book contains 3D sonogram images from the most advanced ultrasound machine available.  2) This is first pregnancy book ever to embed 40 videos of babies inside the book.

We did that through the use of QR codes.   Don’t miss video of these babes smiling, crying and yawning!

Its easy.   All you have to do is:

1) Download a free QR code reader to your phone or tablet from your app store.

2) Swipe the device over the digital box next to each image in the book.  Wait for it to beep.

3)  It should take you to the video where you just have to push the play button.

There are descriptions beneath each video to tell you exactly what is happening.

If you don’t have a smart phone or tablet, don’t worry.  Just go to the website listed beside each image in the book. Click here to buy enhanced ebook

Or easiest of all, download the enhanced e-book.  In that edition videos will just play as you touch the screen.

Our mothers only dreamed of such a revelation!

Ladies of FOX 4 News Inside The Wonder Within You

Watch the interview with my friend Kim Byrnes.

When I started writing The Wonder Within You, I reached out to the women I was closest to for pregnancy quotes and stories.  Many of those women are my dear friends and co-workers at Fox 4 News in Kansas City.  What a pleasure it was to sit down with the morning show team and show viewers some of my favorite videos from the book.   If you are an avid FOX 4 fan, maybe you can match the journalists with their quotes.   I hope if you are a Kansas City reader of The Wonder Within You, you feel a new closeness with my friends at FOX 4.