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Story in KC Baby about The Wonder Within You

I hope you are able to pick up a copy of this month’s KC Baby  & Maternity magazine.  On pages 12-13, you will find a great story about The Wonder Within You...including images from inside the book.  If you have already pre-ordered the book you should get your copies within the next couple of weeks.  The publisher is shipping to distributors now.

I’m thrilled with the way this project turned out, and so thankful to all the mamas and babies that contributed.   It is rich in joy and information and designed to empower us all to be better mothers.

If you haven’t pre-ordered, go to the Order Now tab and pick your favorite vender.

Getting excited for delivery day!!!


To read the full article, go to:

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Twins are friends even on the inside!

You’ve heard that twins have a bond from before birth, right? Well, it’s absolutely true.

I have a younger brother and sister who are twins. They were our mom’s best Mother’s Day present. Today is their birthday. My parents bought two cribs for them, but when they came home they wouldn’t sleep. Mom finally laid them in the same crib…at opposite ends. Even as newborns they would somehow scoot until they were touching. Only then would they rest. As they grew, they had a language only the two of them understood. They must have created it in the darkness with the whoosh of my mother’s heartbeat as their backdrop.

Today, sonographers can testify to the fact that twins begin their bond long before birth. My friend Jeannette Burlbaw at Prenatal Imaging Centers in Kansas City, has often imaged twins and seen them holding onto each other, pushing and kicking at each other, even sucking on each other’s hands and fingers, as if they were one.

So here’s to all the twins out there, who mystify us with their pre-born relationships. My baby brother and sister were an answer to my 4 year-old prayers. They became the first real babies I ever fell in love with. Happy Birthday Mandy and Matthew!

This Mother’s Day another set of twins was born.  They shared the same sac and placenta. The expressions on their sweet faces show a bit of confusion at their abrupt introduction to our bright, noisy world. So in that moment, they do what they’ve always done. They reach for each other. The womb mate they’ve known from the time their hearts began to beat side-by-side.

Check out the full story by clicking on this link.  Take a look at these precious girls.

Video: 23-week-old miracle baby survives

BriellaCarey Wickersham, author of The Wonder Within You, interviews Brian and Stacy King. Their baby Briella was born at 23 weeks gestation. She survived and thrives today…proof that miracles happen. The Kings credit March of Dimes and surfactant and say “Give 23 weekers a chance!” Stacy was advised by doctors to terminate her pregnancy to save her own life. She went against that advice…and gave Briella a shot at defying the odds.

Check out the video.

Pregnancy Cravings

Hey Mama! Are you craving strawberries and ice cream or pickles and cheese puffs? Scientists are still trying to figure out if weird pregnancy cravings are fact or folklore, but here are some interesting explanations.

1) Hormones, hormones, hormones!
2) When you wake in the midnight hours with a hankerin’ for hamburger, its because you NEED it.
3) It’s emotional eating at its best…when you and your body are stressed!

Click this link for a doctor’s take on the whole thing:
Pregnancy Cravings

Vitamin D may Protect Your Unborn Baby from RSV

I remember lying awake night after night watching my 8-week old breathe. When her tiny chest rose and fell, her lungs rattled. She was diagnosed with a lung infection called RSV. As a first-time mom, it terrified me.

In the U.S., more than 100 thousand children are hospitalized with RSV every year. About 500 of them die. But a new study in the June edition of Pediatrics indicates that taking vitamin D during pregnancy could prevent some babies from ever getting RSV.

Dr. Kristen Wootton is a mother, OB/GYN and contributor to The Living Womb. In this interview, Dr. Wootton provides some insight into the new study.

Carey: How does vitamin D during pregnancy protect babies from getting RSV after they are born?

Dr. Wootton: Vitamin D appears to boost immunity and therefore improve your ability to fight off infections including RSV.

Carey: I know vitamin D builds up in your body when you are exposed to sunlight. Is that enough, should pregnant women try to get it naturally from food or should a pregnant woman take additional Vitamin D supplements?

Dr. Wootton: The recommended daily intake of vitamin D in pregnancy is 600 iu. Most prenatal vitamins have 400. The other 200 would come from milk, juice and of course sun exposure. If you are getting 600 iu, I don’t recommend additional dosage. (for more information about vitamin D click here:

Carey: Is too much vitamin D ever dangerous for the mother or baby?

Dr. Wootton: Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and can be toxic in high doses. Therefore, both pregnant women and newborns/infants receiving supplementation should be aware of their doses.

Carey: How successful is taking vitamin D in preventing RSV?

Dr. Wootton: We don’t know the success of vitamin D in preventing RSV as there are yet to be any randomized control trials. The study referenced is just a start. It has the flaw of having very low numbers (only 156 babies were tested) to prove cause and effect.. It does encourage further investigation.

Researchers are still trying to determine exactly why vitamin D levels effect the RSV rate. So the bottom line is: Take your prenatal vitamins. Check to see if they contain at least 400 iu’s of vitamin D. Get the rest natually.

If you have any concerns about your vitamin D levels, talk with your health care provider.

For more information on this study click here:

To see a story from an NBC affliliate click here:

Music Calms your Unborn Baby

For centuries mothers have sung lullabies to their newborns. But research shows, baby’s who aren’t yet born benefit from the melodious rhythms of their mother’s voices, too.

An unborn baby’s ear is first apparent at 5 weeks. Baby reacts to sounds outside the womb by 18 weeks, even though the ear isn’t fully developed until 26 weeks of pregnancy.

Various studies indicate that a baby’s reactions to different sounds can be positive or negative. Listening to slow music, reading and talking to your baby soothes and relaxes the baby. Very loud noises can cause baby to startle, kick or even jump.

So mama, clear your throat and sing away. Your baby is listening now, and those same familiar ditties will soothe her even after she is born.

Check out
for more information on the effects of prenatal music.

To buy a prenatal music therapy CD, go to and hit the “click to shop” button. Incredible Birth Day is wonderful.