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3 Reasons to Consider a Birth Photographer



“ I wish I knew about you for my kids!”
“ I don’t know if I would want that, what all does it include?”
 Hi, I am Kendra Miller and I am a Birth Photographer. I never knew the magnitude of emotions you go through on the day your child is born, until I gave birth to my daughter in 2012. Birth photography helps tell your child’s birth story from labor until you are holding them in your arms. I absolutely love what I do and I am thrilled to share with you why Birth Photography is such an amazing investment.
Labor is enough work
A birth photographer is experiencing the birth with you, but from an outsider’s point of view. We provide the opportunity for those you have chosen to be your labor partner(s) to be a part of this experience with you. To be fully present without the worry or stress of needing to get a picture, because the birth photographer has it covered. So they can feel free to let the arrival of this new life take their breath away too.
My goal is to feel like your friend, but at the same time to be rarely noticed by you. A birth photographer can see photo opportunities that, especially if you are in active labor, you may not think to take.  Birth Photography is telling the whole story of your child’s BIRTHday, not just a few snapshots once he or she has arrived.
Your Story, Your connection
            Gone are the days where dad waits in the waiting room with cigars and a nurse brings out your new bundle to hold up like a prize. More often the dad or significant other is a teammate, a partner to do whatever they can to help you during this life-changing day. Holding your hand, giving you encouragement and having the moments where they fall in love with you all over again. Each of these moments I can capture, which means each of these moments has you and your partner in the photo. Showing the love you have and helping to tell the complete tale of this birth story. The look on your husband’s face when your new baby takes their first breath. It is a moment like that you will never be able to re-create. Those happy memories should be documented and kept.
Snuggles First
            Once you have this miracle in your arms, you might find all of your time now being spent just getting to know your new baby. I want parents to focus on bonding with their new baby and not worrying about editing, sorting photos or getting prints for birth announcements.  Many birth photographers also have options such as a photo book or slideshow for you to be able to share. As your child grows they will be able to actually see the love their parents have, the tears in their grandparents eyes or the very first time they met their older sibling. Birth Photography is worth investing in, because it is a moment in time you can now always remember.
A review from a former birth story client, Courtney, describes her experience this way;
“What Kendra did for us through her amazing work is she stopped time. I’ll forever be able to experience just how it felt to become a mom again that day. Not only did her photos capture the beauty of our new baby girl, but she captured the love felt by all that day.”
Kendra Miller Photography