Music Calms your Unborn Baby

For centuries mothers have sung lullabies to their newborns. But research shows, baby’s who aren’t yet born benefit from the melodious rhythms of their mother’s voices, too.

An unborn baby’s ear is first apparent at 5 weeks. Baby reacts to sounds outside the womb by 18 weeks, even though the ear isn’t fully developed until 26 weeks of pregnancy.

Various studies indicate that a baby’s reactions to different sounds can be positive or negative. Listening to slow music, reading and talking to your baby soothes and relaxes the baby. Very loud noises can cause baby to startle, kick or even jump.

So mama, clear your throat and sing away. Your baby is listening now, and those same familiar ditties will soothe her even after she is born.

Check out
for more information on the effects of prenatal music.

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