Twins are friends even on the inside!

You’ve heard that twins have a bond from before birth, right? Well, it’s absolutely true.

I have a younger brother and sister who are twins. They were our mom’s best Mother’s Day present. Today is their birthday. My parents bought two cribs for them, but when they came home they wouldn’t sleep. Mom finally laid them in the same crib…at opposite ends. Even as newborns they would somehow scoot until they were touching. Only then would they rest. As they grew, they had a language only the two of them understood. They must have created it in the darkness with the whoosh of my mother’s heartbeat as their backdrop.

Today, sonographers can testify to the fact that twins begin their bond long before birth. My friend Jeannette Burlbaw at Prenatal Imaging Centers in Kansas City, has often imaged twins and seen them holding onto each other, pushing and kicking at each other, even sucking on each other’s hands and fingers, as if they were one.

So here’s to all the twins out there, who mystify us with their pre-born relationships. My baby brother and sister were an answer to my 4 year-old prayers. They became the first real babies I ever fell in love with. Happy Birthday Mandy and Matthew!

This Mother’s Day another set of twins was born.  They shared the same sac and placenta. The expressions on their sweet faces show a bit of confusion at their abrupt introduction to our bright, noisy world. So in that moment, they do what they’ve always done. They reach for each other. The womb mate they’ve known from the time their hearts began to beat side-by-side.

Check out the full story by clicking on this link.  Take a look at these precious girls.

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