Puppy Love x 4 or maybe 5???

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Melinda Poole-O’Banion loves her dogs like children, so when one of them became pregnant, she did what any proud mama would do,..She took her female dog, Sig, to the sonographer’s office to capture some a keepsake 3-d images.

“They look like little dinosaurs!”, said Melinda…who happens to be a vet.  “I’ve seen animals imaged with regular 2-D ultrasounds, but I’m never seen anything like this.  It was amazing!  We could see their paws and they were head to head and back to back.”

The problem was the Mini Aussie pups were in a bit of a well…a dog pile.   So Melinda knows there are at least four pups…but their may be a fifth that was hiding.

Sig is pretty well trained so when her owners told her to lie on her back on the table, she did it.   And remained their for 30 minutes while a trained baby sonographer got every angle imaginable.   The pups are 45 days old.  Sig will deliver them in another  2 to 3 weeks.

Here are pictures of the proud and very patient mom and dad.  Sig and Barrett.

If you are interested in purchasing one of their beautiful Mini Aussie Pups,  call Melinda at (913) 961-8835 and see if she will part with them.

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