Don’t smoke while you’re pregnant…but NOT because of recent study!

babies react to smoking

There is a  recent study using 3 and 4 D ultrasound that urges pregnant women not to smoke because it causes the baby to grimace and touch his or her face more frequently.  Twenty babies were tested.  Only four babies had moms who smoked.  This study seems a bit shabby to me.  But the outcome isn’t.  Don’t smoke while your pregnant.

In my opinion, here is a better visual of why you should give up the habit while you are growing a baby.

The sonographer who captured the images of babies in The Wonder Within You (Jeanette Burlbaw at Prenatal imaging in Kansas City) gave me these images of two placentas.  The first is from a mother who didn’t smoke.  You can see the placenta at the top, above baby. It is healthy.

The second image is from a smoking mother.   The placenta is on the left.  Notice the white loops that permeate  the left side of the placenta.  Those indicate calcification caused by smoking.  The calcification can make the placenta less effective at delivering oxygen and nutrients to baby.

smoker placcenta

Here’s what tried and true research indicates:

*Smoking deprives baby of oxygen.

*Smoking causes more babies to be born before they are ready.

*Babies whose moms smoke have lower birth weights.

*The incidence of stillbirths is higher in mothers who smoke.

There’s plenty of solid research that shows that lighting up harms your baby.  So even though it’s often extremely difficult to stop, score one for you and  your sweet babe…and kick the habit.  You can do it  mama!!!

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